9 reasons tiktok ads not delivering outside of schedule tiktok (fix in sec) 2024

tiktok ads not delivering

Your ad group has been running for almost 3 days, yet coming back with no impressions, leaving you to wonder what’s amiss with your campaign. Could it be an issue with your campaign setups, or has something gone awry on the TikTok platform? Take a deep breath, and don’t panic! The situation of ‘TikTok ads not delivering’ is a common challenge faced by all advertisers on this platform, regardless of their level of expertise. To aid in your quest, we’ll explore 9 common issues that might be at the heart of this challenge and provide you with valuable tips to not only resolve it now but also to safeguard your future campaigns from such setbacks!

tiktok ads not delivering
9 reasons tiktok ads not delivering outside of schedule tiktok (fix in sec) 2024 12

What is ‘TikTok ads not delivering’?

TikTok ads not delivering’ is a common issue faced by advertisers on the TikTok platform where their advertisements are not receiving any results or impressions. Despite setting up ad campaigns and allocating budgets, these ads do not reach the intended audience or generate the desired engagement.

This can be a frustrating experience to advertisers cause the ad budget is actively spending but showing no impressions or a lack of interaction with the ad content.

It’s important to keep in mind that ‘not spending’ and ‘not delivering’ are distinct cases, even though they can have an impact on each other, and both lead to delivery issues.

  • No delivery (TikTok Ads not delivering): Ads are still running and spending but result in no impressions or engagement.
  • Under-delivery (TikTok Ads not spending): Ads are not spending the daily budget as expected.

How to identify if your ads are delivering or not?

To see whether your TikTok ads are delivering, go to Ads Manager and check ‘View Data’ under the Ad group/campaign’s name. It concludes all the information you need to review the performance of your ads.

Or, simpler, beside every campaign tab, there are specific icons to notify the working status of the advertisements:

  • Red icon: None of the ads in the ad group are delivering on any placements
  • Orange icon: Some of the ads have been disapproved or have stopped delivering.

Why are your TikTok Ads not delivering?

We’ve identified 7 significant factors that might be contributing to your ad campaigns falling short of expected results. Explore them below!

Account under review or rejected

TikTok ad campaign status
Source: TikTok Ads Manager

Before your account is issued, TikTok will review it to ensure compliance with Advertising Policies. So, what can happen during this time?

In reviewAd account is being reviewed after creating or modifying information.
Not approvedAd account has failed the reviewing process.
PenalizedAd account is disabled due to violations of the ads policy.

Account assessment status

Account reviews can take up to 24 hours. Campaigns and ads will not be delivered during this time. Ads will also be paused while in the review queue. Ads must be approved if they are new or if a part of the ad has been changed.

What you should do:

Your account is in the reviewing session, and cannot create an ad campaign at this time. As a result, advertisers should wait until it passes TikTok’s evaluation before adding ad creatives. 

If your account is denied, TikTok will show you what criteria you are missing or violating to be approved. However, there is only one solution for the penalized account: create a new one and avoid violating advertising policies.

Currency Mismatch

TikTok ads not delivering - run out of budget
Source: TikTok Ads Manager

If you are running TikTok advertisements and are not seeing the desired results, it may be because your currency does not correspond to the target nation. For example, if you advertise in German, your product price must be in EURO, while Yen is for Japan. 

What you should do:

TikTok currency setting
Source: TikTok Ads Manager
  • In this situation, ensure that the currency on your ad account is set correctly. You can do this by going to the Currency part in your ad settings. Please change it to the currency of the nation you’re targeting. If you have set it to something else, then save your modifications.

However, Mega Digital suggests you target one ad for one specific location for Ads Manager or use a TikTok agency account to target multiple areas or sell cross-border.

Out of budget or insufficient adgroup

Ad group out of budget TikTok
Source: TikTok Ads Manager

This is a common problem that has occurred for many TikTok advertisers. The campaign minimum on TikTok is $50, with ad groups starting at $20. This bare minimum allows you to see results and ensure the effectiveness of your advertisements. The issue of ads out of budget can happen because your TikTok ads payment may not go through. As a result, if your budget is less than $50, it will lead to your TikTok Ads not delivering.

What you should do:

How to fix zero balance in TikTok ad account
  • The ads manager operates on Pacific Time (PT), so keep this in mind when changing your daily budgets.
  • If you want to reduce your daily budget after it has been spent for the day, you must do so after 00:00 PT or before it is completely spent.
  • Mega Digital advises leaving extra room for algorithms to “learn” and find the ideal customer for your ad. So, if your projected bid for add-to-cart conversion is $20, your budget should be at least 10 times that amount. This way, the algorithm will have enough funds to find and target the right potential customers. 

Outside of schedule

TikTok ads not delivering - outside of schedule
Source: TikTok Ads Manager

TikTok Ads Outside of Schedule happens once you’ve scheduled an ad; it will be marked with a red dot labeled “out of schedule” until the ads receive approval and begin spending. If you’ve set the schedule for midnight, the status will change to green, and the ad will start utilizing your allocated budget.

Conversely, if you’ve scheduled the ads to begin immediately, they will remain in an “out of schedule” status until they receive approval and commence running.

What you should do:

  • Patiently wait for the approval state and the scheduled time to work in your favor. Of course, TikTok will take its time to assess your video. Therefore, you need to set your time for 2-3 hours in advance.

Unaligned with campaign run dates

Inconsistency between starting dates on the dashboard and its actual ‘go-live’ day can seriously affect ad performance. For example, if the campaign period on the dashboard is set to start two days before the actual campaign launch, TikTok’s algorithm may start delivering ads before the campaign is ready to go live. This can lead to wasted impressions and budget, as well as potentially impact the performance of the campaign.

Alternatively, if the campaign period on the dashboard ends before the campaign run dates, TikTok may stop delivering ads before the campaign has ended, causing an incomplete delivery of impressions and affecting the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

What should you do:

If you have encountered delivery issues with your TikTok campaign due to an unaligned campaign period on the dashboard, you can take the following steps to fix it:

How to Fix Tiktok Ads not Delivering

  • Adjust the campaign period on the dashboard: Go to the TikTok Ads Manager dashboard and update the campaign period to align with the actual campaign run dates.
  • Pause the campaign: If the campaign has already started delivering impressions, you may need to pause it temporarily to prevent any further delivery until the issue is resolved.

And make sure to monitor the campaign closely to ensure that it is delivering as expected and that there are no further issues.

Incorrect Targeting

Overlapping targeting

Overlapping targeting is when multiple targeting options or criteria intersect or coincide, potentially leading to a more focused but narrower audience. This can occur when advertisers use several targeting parameters simultaneously, and the combined criteria reduce the audience size.

What you should do:

  • Select the criteria and characteristics of the target ad group.
  • Avoid choosing features that are too specific, or you will make the mistake of targeting too deeply.

Too niche targeting

Too in-depth targeting is also a problem. TikTok will narrow the pools of users accessing your ads. Therefore, if your ads target too specific user groups, it will lead to poor visibility, less interaction, and less spending.

What you should do:

  • Expand the targeted audience range, including potential customers or Lookalike Audiences in the Ad Manager setting.

Too large targeting

This problem is the opposite of in-depth targeting. In-depth targeting does not apply to this issue. TikTok will eventually show your ads to all users, including those who have never used the goods or services you’re advertising. Users who find your ads offensive may also report you, affecting ad delivery.

What you should do: 

Re-optimize the target customer. You should combine information about gender, age, interests, and topics they often watch on TikTok. However, only choose some of the most specific characteristics of the target audience to avoid the overlapping issue. Then, let’s TikTok algorithm do its job to optimize audiences accordingly.

Low Bidding Strategy

TikTok ads not approved - Low bidding
Source: TikTok Ads Manager

Bidding strategy is one of the most influential factors determining your ads. Therefore, your bidding price needs to be balanced with the market. 

TikTok bidding methods allow users to bid for ad placements, which means the higher you bid, the better ad placement you can get. As a result, if your bidding is too low, your ad will be placed under your competitors. So, who will scroll long enough to see your advertisements? Therefore, it is essential to consider using your competitors’ bidding prices to ensure your plan stays following the market.

What you should do:

  • Adjust bids according to bidding methods and relative competitors. If you are new to running ads on TikTok, you can use Smart Optimization to optimize bids automatically.

Unsuitable Content

There are two most common issues that many advertisers can make within ad content on TikTok:

  • Reposting content from other platforms
  • Using outdated content to advertise

These types of content often fail to attract users because TikTok’s distribution algorithm focuses on users’ experiences. If a video is not optimized according to TikTok’s standard format or conveys unhelpful content, it is understandable that advertising cannot deliver to users or not spend.

What you should do:

Ads on TikTok are all about embracing the community’s spontaneity, creativity, and fun. Therefore, Mega Digital usually proposes 3 keynotes to make ads that suit the TikTok platform:

  • Adapt to UGC (user-generated content) to create ads related to viewers.
  • Include KOL, KOC, and influencers in the ads to attract users.
  • Keep up with the trends, including soundtracks, filters, or hashtags.

Let’s take some of the best TikTok ad examples from big brands and utilize them to make yours.

Inaccurate Ads size

TikTok ads not approved - Faults in creative
Source: TikTok

Running into the issue of incorrect ad sizes can result in a variety of problems that may impact the assessment, such as:

  • Low resolution or blurry video/image.
  • Covered video/image with the caption or TikTok logo.
  • Incomplete text in videos.

What you should do: 

Remember that TikTok video dimensions are 1080×1920 and must follow the aspect ratio:

  • Vertical (9:16)
  • ​Square (1:1)
  • Horizontal (16:9)

If you want to use a background, avoid using black or white.

Using an Ad Agency Account is the optimal solution!

Use Agency account
Source: TikTok

TikTok treats agency accounts and personal accounts differently. Every Personal account advertisement will often have a longer approval time, a higher chance of being suspended or lacking advertising function, etc. 

Besides optimizing your ad campaign and accessing a whole pack of ad formats, using a TikTok Agency account will fix all the issues while targeting audiences and reducing the competitive budget compared to a personal account. It will be a miss if you don’t upgrade your TikTok to agency accounts now. 

It would be best if you started using a TikTok agency account to avoid issues related to ads not delivering or spending. However, this type of account is only available for TikTok partners. 

Ads Not Delivering During Review

This content serves a crucial role in addressing a common and disruptive issue faced by TikTok advertisers – ads not delivering during the review process. By comprehensively exploring the TikTok Ads platform, elucidating the intricacies of the review process, and providing solutions to common impediments affecting ad delivery, this content aims to equip advertisers with the knowledge needed to navigate challenges proactively and optimize their campaign outcomes.

II. Understanding the TikTok Ads Review Process

A. Overview of TikTok’s Ad Review System

At the core of TikTok’s advertising ecosystem lies a robust Ad Review System. This section delves into the workings of this system, emphasizing its pivotal role as the gatekeeper that ensures all ads meet the platform’s stringent standards for content quality and user experience.

B. Factors Considered During Ad Review

A comprehensive exploration of the ad review process reveals the multifaceted evaluation criteria. This encompasses not only adherence to advertising policies but also considerations of technical aspects and the overall impact on user experience. Understanding these factors is crucial for advertisers seeking a smooth and successful review process.

C. Importance of Ad Review for User Experience and Platform Integrity

This section elucidates the broader implications of the ad review process, extending beyond procedural steps. The intertwining of ad review with user satisfaction and the overall integrity of the TikTok platform is explored, emphasizing how adherence to advertising standards contributes to a positive user experience and fosters trust among the user community.

III. Common Reasons for Ads Not Delivering in Review

A. Violation of TikTok Ad Policies

  1. Examples of Policy Violations Diving into specifics, this segment provides concrete examples of policy violations. From misleading content to inappropriate imagery, advertisers gain insights into the red flags that may hinder ad delivery.
  2. Impact on Ad Delivery The repercussions of policy violations are examined, shedding light on how such infractions can disrupt ad delivery during the review phase, potentially derailing the entire campaign strategy.

B. Technical Issues

  1. Platform Glitches Unraveling the technical aspect, this section identifies and elucidates platform glitches within the TikTok Ads ecosystem. By understanding these glitches, advertisers can take informed steps to address technical hiccups.
  2. Connectivity Problems Connectivity emerges as a critical factor affecting ad delivery. This portion provides guidance on mitigating issues related to internet connectivity, ensuring a stable environment for seamless ad review.

C. Incomplete Ad Information

  1. Missing or Inaccurate Details The importance of meticulous detail provision is emphasized here. Incomplete or inaccurate ad information can hinder the review process, and this section guides advertisers on providing comprehensive and accurate details for an efficient evaluation.
  2. Effects on Review Process The consequences of incomplete ad information are explored, emphasizing how such gaps can complicate the review process, making it challenging for TikTok’s system to evaluate compliance with policies and technical requirements.

IV. Navigating Policy Compliance

A. Detailed Explanation of TikTok Ad Policies

Delving into the core of policy compliance, this section provides advertisers with an exhaustive explanation of TikTok’s ad policies. Understanding the intricacies of these policies is paramount for creating content that seamlessly aligns with the platform’s guidelines.

B. Tips for Ensuring Ad Content Compliance

Practicality meets creativity in this segment as advertisers are furnished with tips and best practices. These insights guide advertisers in crafting engaging content that not only captivates the audience but also adheres to TikTok’s advertising policies.

C. Steps to Take If Ad Violation Is Detected

In the event of a policy violation, a clear roadmap is laid out. Advertisers are provided with actionable steps to rectify violations promptly, minimizing disruptions to campaign timelines and fostering a more efficient resolution process.

V. Troubleshooting Technical Challenges

A. Recognizing Common Technical Issues

This section acts as a troubleshooter’s guide, identifying common technical challenges that advertisers may encounter during the ad review process. By recognizing these issues, advertisers can proactively address and resolve them.

B. Steps for Diagnosing and Resolving Technical Problems

A systematic approach is presented to advertisers in diagnosing and resolving technical challenges. This ensures a smoother ad review process, minimizing delays and optimizing the overall campaign timeline.

C. Contacting TikTok Support for Technical Assistance

Acknowledging that some technical challenges may necessitate expert intervention, this section guides advertisers on how to effectively engage TikTok’s support channels for timely and efficient assistance, ensuring minimal disruptions to ad delivery.

VI. Reviewing and Enhancing Ad Information

A. Double-Checking Ad Details

Attention to detail is paramount, and this section emphasizes the importance of double-checking ad details. By ensuring accuracy in information provision, advertisers mitigate the risk of delays and rejections during the review process.

B. Ensuring Accurate Targeting and Audience Selection

Targeting is an art, and this section explores strategies for refining audience targeting. By enhancing the relevance of ads to specific audiences, advertisers can significantly improve overall campaign performance.

C. Strategies for Improving Ad Content Without Violating Policies

Striking a balance between creativity and policy compliance is an art. Practical strategies are offered to advertisers for enhancing ad content without compromising on TikTok’s guidelines, facilitating the creation of engaging and policy-compliant campaigns.

VII. Case Studies: Successful Resolution Stories

A. Real-life Examples of Ads Not Delivering and Resolving the Issues

Drawing from real-world experiences, this segment presents case studies showcasing advertisers who successfully navigated ad delivery challenges. By delving into these narratives, advertisers gain valuable insights and applicable strategies.

B. Lessons Learned and Applied Strategies

Lessons distilled from the case studies are translated into actionable strategies. This section serves as a repository of knowledge, offering advertisers a wealth of insights to draw upon when confronted with similar challenges.

VIII. Proactive Measures for Ad Success

A. Regularly Monitoring and Updating Ad Content

The dynamic nature of advertising is underscored, emphasizing the importance of consistent monitoring and proactive updates to ad content. This ensures campaigns remain aligned with evolving policies and industry trends.

B. Staying Informed About Policy Changes

Staying ahead in the advertising landscape requires vigilance. This section highlights the significance of staying informed about policy changes, enabling advertisers to adapt their strategies and content to align with evolving guidelines.

C. Utilizing Support Channels Effectively

The effectiveness of support channels is emphasized in this section, reinforcing the importance of leveraging TikTok’s support resources for ongoing assistance. Whether related to policy inquiries or technical challenges, effective utilization of support channels is critical for sustained campaign success.

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